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  • Interview With Emmy Award Winning Actress and Voiceover Artist Marabina Jaimes
  • Interview With Candace Silvers - Acting and Human Behavior Coach
  • Interview With Martial Artist Expert and Hollywood Actor-Director, Kely McClung
  • Interview With Social Media Strategist - Personal Publicist Joy A Kennelly
  • Interview With Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer - Thomas McKenny

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Martin Kelly

Always good when work turns up unexpectedly! I had a similar thing happen just the other day.

I also had a great learning experience last night...
We had our opening night of Sweeney Todd last night. Act 1 went without a hitch. Intermission started with a fire Alarm and then Act 2 continued with 2 more fire alarms!!! After all the disruption and evacuations of the building into the snow-filled night, the cast kept focus and delivered a killer performance to mark an extraordinary opening night that will be remembered for so many reasons!
What I learned: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

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