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Sci-Fi Gene

Have to be honest I wish you hadn't posted that... please stick to what you're good at which is being the most determined and inspirational person in the Universe ever.

Best, sfg

Actress Confessions

We have to be honest with ourselves on what is actually going on this this industry...this is the truth.

If we don't want leading ladies to starve themselves then we have to really think of who we are demanding on screen...

Sci-Fi Gene

If your motivation here is to highlight the issue then I totally agree with you. I just think that publishing the statistics like this is a two edged sword - while it certainly does highlight the issue, I think it can also become part of the pressure that leads people into this. But no offence meant & I do see where you're coming from.

Take care, sfg

mariah carey, j-lo, britney, fergie, beyonce, christina, jessica, salma....I call BS!

Actress Confessions

Really? What is BS?


This cannot be true. I am a very small, thin woman at 5'5" 114, like to the point where my doctor is strictly having me gain weight and my bmi is teetering on18, there is no way Brittany spears is almost 10 pounds less than me, 110lbs at 5'5" is a diagnosed anorexia. I would like to gain enough weight to look like her! Some stars are too thin, most have killer bodies, and that is what sells.

Actress Confessions

Hi Sarah, Probably these stats are a bit outdated at this point in time, eiter way we know that hollywood has a pre-conceived notion of what an "actress" should look like. I think as the next generation we should be able to bring more focus into acting rather then just looks!
Thanks for reading, please subscribe!
xoxoxo A.C

Sandy Kelly

WOW! Some of those figures are very startling and as you say probably a bit out of date. That said, it is sad that they have to be announced to the world at all (not neccessarily by you) but just in general. We can see what they look like when we look at them. (If for the part they need to disclose this information) then of course do so. But I would be mortified if just because I was an actor (and a famous one if to be so lucky) lol my personal information was just thrown about. It is sad that in order to get fame, the public wants/needs to know so much about their personal lives that really does not need to be known. Thanks for sharing and I am now following as I usually read your blogs over my husbands shoulder (he is also subscribed)


this is the truth? no offense, you are either an ignorant fool, or you just want people to subscribe to your website. does anyone honestly believe that Naomi Campbell, with her muscle definition and height is 110 lbs? and Adriana lima...112 lbs? LOL If they really weighed that little, they would LITERALLY look like a skeleton, similar to models that are fired from modeling because they look too skinny. Lets see if you decide to publish this comment, or delete it lol. PS- and seriously...britney spears weights 105 lbs? I DONT THINK SO.

Actress Confessions

Hi Sarah!
I know these numbers may be a bit outdated by now... but surely this type of skinny behaviour still exists in Hollywood! Thanks for following my blog and thanks for reading!


I would like to see a list saying women's highest weight while pregnant or the numbers of hours these women spend exercising a week. Or the number of lb's each woman's weight fluctuates during a given period. I'd like to see $dollars spent on hair, skin care, spa, gym, cosmetic dentistry, laser and plastic surgeon's office. How much do these women pay stylist or publicist to exploit only the best portrayal of her at her lightest weight?

Thanks for the info, however, the low, low weights mentioned above, act as a guide telling women like myself, that they are more attractive when their numbers match those of the stars. 5'6" 108'? I'll keep pining away!


I don't know... I'm 5'9" and weigh 125 pounds, and I look skinnier in pictures and in the mirror than a lot of these women. I think some of these numbers are wrong.


Lol im taller than all these bitches 5"11.5 !!


I agree. The numbers are often BS. As is most of Hollywood. Fantasy! Retouches etc....

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