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People I've Interviewed

  • Interview With Emmy Award Winning Actress and Voiceover Artist Marabina Jaimes
  • Interview With Candace Silvers - Acting and Human Behavior Coach
  • Interview With Martial Artist Expert and Hollywood Actor-Director, Kely McClung
  • Interview With Social Media Strategist - Personal Publicist Joy A Kennelly
  • Interview With Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer - Thomas McKenny

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Michael Lantz

I think that you ought to pursue your dream as an actress.Like my father used to say"You only live once".You might end up on a piloted sitcom tv show like "Friends".You could be the next Sandra Bullock.


make your self more beautiful and make this world more beautiful.

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Actress Confessions

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"Every day I do one thing that moves my career forward"
That's a great way to make progress. When we look at a huge goal it sometimes seems difficult to achieve but if we take small steps we will get where w e want to eventually.

Nottingham Actress Jenn Day

Been great reading your blog, (and your more recent posts/successes) as I am just getting serious about acting again myself. Its been great to see your 'journey'. I did my training some years ago but the reality of leaving university with debts saw me leave my acting ambitions behind in preference of a steady job. Now having had my kids and seeing them off to school everyday I have some time on my hands, and some support from my husband, and I am looking to give acting real go. I hope I can have some measure of success over the coming months/years having had some exciting castings already. Maybe a blog like your own would be great to chart my own progress

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